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5 ways to improve patient care delivery and increase value-based pay contracts for private-duty nursing & pediatrics

By AlayaCare / April 26, 2024

Everyone with medically complex needs or chronic conditions deserves high-quality, patient-centric care that is comfortable and outcomes-focused. 82% of patients also say that quality customer service is the most critical factor to satisfaction with the care they receive. Patients and their families seek care workers and nurses who understand their needs and can communicate effectively.…

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How to Expand Your Agency Ecosystem of Care to Support Pediatric Home Health

By AlayaCare / November 3, 2020

Home care agencies across the nation are, as the pandemic has deftly demonstrated, becoming increasingly integral pieces of the health-care ecosystem. Together we’re watching the demand grow, the list of potential in-home services expand, the benefits evolve, and of course the population age.  

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