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Home Care Data

4 tips Home Care Can Use to Achieve Rapid Growth in a Rapidly Changing Industry

How client-reported data can help care workers make better health care decisions

By AlayaCare / July 14, 2023

The voice of a client is essential to understanding whether home care services are making a difference. Client-centered care has taken the spotlight when it comes to discussions of quality. Home care agencies are now adapting to providing care that is responsive and respectful of individual client preferences and values, which guides clinical decisions.   Agencies…

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How to Leverage Data Science in Home Care [3 step guide]

How to leverage data science in home care [3-step guide]

By AlayaCare / May 22, 2023

Nearly every industry is undergoing an evolution centred around data and in health care, it has long been discussed but only in recent years has true momentum built around how providers can glean the true value, the potential, that lies in data science.    Many new startups claim they can help your organization reap that value…

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