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Electronic Visit Verification

EVV helping recruit and retain staff

How EVV can help home-based care recruit — and keep — top staff

By AlayaCare / November 28, 2023

The home-based care industry is evolving at an unprecedented pace. With the introduction of the Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) system, there’s a significant shift in how service delivery is recorded and verified, particularly for Medicaid programs. But, beyond compliance with these new rules, EVV presents an opportunity for agencies to enhance their operations, improve staff…

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5 examples of technology supporting the expansion of HCBS services

EVV unlocked: The truth about the Choice Model & the billing aggregator myth [Webinar Recap]

By AlayaCare / October 26, 2023

It’s no secret that compliance regulations in the home-based care industry can be wordy—just take a look at the ever-important 21st Century Cures Act, which spans an entire 312 pages, to get a sense of how long-winded some mandates can be. As luck would have it, the extent of these pertinent laws often makes them downright…

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4 Ways Home Care Technology Can Help Rural Agencies Reduce Mileage

4 ways home-based care technology reduces mileage for rural agencies

By AlayaCare / September 8, 2023

While no two home care agencies are alike, those that serve rural areas face several unique challenges compared to those that solely serve urban centers.   In fact, though urban populations continue to rise, about 20.0% of people who live in the United States and 19% of those in Canada have rural abodes. For older adults here, ensuring access to…

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Reduce Missed Visits and Improve Client Outcomes by leveraging technology

Boost your RCM: 4 ways home care software can improve billing and payroll

By AlayaCare / July 19, 2023

Revenue cycle management (RCM) is a vital component of any health care organization, and home care agencies are no exception. One of the biggest challenges in RCM and accounting management is the billing and payroll process, which can be a time-consuming, tedious, and error-prone task if done manually. But, with the advent of home care…

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5 Tips on automating client risk management in home care

5 Tips on automating client risk management in home care

By AlayaCare / March 13, 2023

As we mentioned in our blog, 3 methods to enhance home care risk management, and keeping clients safe while providing care services is critical for home care organizations. One of the three methods discussed was using automation to reduce manual errors and identify risks more quicker.   Manual processing of client risk management leads to a…

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technology opening up opportunities for home care in rural areas

5 opportunities where technology can help home care agencies grow

By AlayaCare / September 28, 2022

For the home care industry, the next couple of decades are clear: the need for services will rise in step with the population of older adults. 

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Bill to Delay EVV for Home Care Passes House

By AlayaCare / July 18, 2018

For U.S. home care agencies rushing to implement federally-mandated electronic visit verification (EVV) systems, there looks to be some reprieve.

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EV mobile

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV): Stay Compliant with AlayaCare’s GPS-Enabled Mobile Care App

By AlayaCare / January 22, 2018

The technology market offers no shortage of solutions that could meet the new requirements — but for agencies with more progressive strategies, the Cures Act is a timely backdrop to think more broadly, and seize an opportunity to differentiate service.

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What is Business Intelligence?

By AlayaCare / November 2, 2017

At the HCP conference in Albany, NY this month, AlayaCare was tapped to give a presentation on Business Intelligence (BI) as it relates to the home care software industry. This blog post is a recap from that presentation, and here you will learn how you can unlock the potential of BI to move your home…

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Home Care Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) – Think Beyond January 1st, 2020

By AlayaCare / August 14, 2017

The 21st Century Cures Act provides the impetus for home care and, soon, home health agencies to adopt Electronic Visit Verification (EVV). Beyond complying with legislation, most providers recognize that EVV and other elements of digital transformation are necessary for business.

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