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caregiver retention

5 proactive steps to improve the security of your home-based care data

By AlayaCare / April 15, 2024

Home-based care agencies face significant challenges in securing sensitive information, especially because of the sheer rise in cyber-attacks and data breaches. Over the last decade, these attacks have increased by 83% in the health care industry, with 2023 witnessing nearly 400,000 health care records breached daily. Health data is a valuable target for hackers, so…

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unlocking excellence in hiring webinar

Unlocking hiring excellence in home care: A roundtable discussion [webinar recap]

By AlayaCare / December 21, 2023

Home care organizations everywhere face budget constraints, compliance issues, and high turnover rates. Operational efficiency and the home care hiring process are vital to ensure companies can stay ahead of the trends and provide the best possible service to their clients.    75% of agencies had to turn down cases due to friction in the efficiency…

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3 Ways to grow your home care agency during challenging times

By AlayaCare / December 12, 2023

The home care industry has faced significant challenges recently, particularly with limited resources and financial constraints. As the economy experiences a downturn, home care agencies seek ways to maintain resilience and achieve success amidst these obstacles. Despite the difficulties, there are still opportunities for growth and development within the home care sector. Here are 3…

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growth strategies for home care agencies

4 growth strategies for home care agencies from industry experts

By AlayaCare / November 22, 2023

Home Health Care News (HHCN), in partnership with AlayaCare, hosted a webinar: “Growth Strategies for Home Care Agencies” on October 4th, 2022. This webinar was focused on home-based care growth plans and what strategies are best for home care organizations to gain financial health and continue to grow and be successful in the industry. Webinar panelists:…

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Reduce Missed Visits and Improve Client Outcomes by leveraging technology

Boost your RCM: 4 ways home care software can improve billing and payroll

By AlayaCare / July 19, 2023

Revenue cycle management (RCM) is a vital component of any health care organization, and home care agencies are no exception. One of the biggest challenges in RCM and accounting management is the billing and payroll process, which can be a time-consuming, tedious, and error-prone task if done manually. But, with the advent of home care…

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4 ways to improve client risk management in home care with data

How technology can help agencies prioritize risk management in the age of data

By AlayaCare / July 17, 2023

The privacy and security risks to which home care agencies are susceptible have been well-publicized. Data breaches affecting home care and home health providers continue to rise, with some reports showing incidents up 83% in the last ten years. As our industry continues to grow and evolve, it has never been more important for providers…

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Ensuring secure communication in your home care agency: a guide to HIPAA-compliant technologies

How to secure your home care agency: the ultimate guide to HIPAA compliance

By AlayaCare / July 3, 2023

When it comes to home care agencies, it’s crucial to have reliable and secure communication to deliver top-notch care and keep clients’ information private. As the importance of HIPAA compliance continues to grow, it’s essential to choose the best secure communication technology.   Here’s a simple guide for home care agencies to pick the right tools…

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3 ways HCBS can prepare for an increased demand

Best practices for automating processes to enhance risk management

By AlayaCare / June 16, 2023

When it comes to providing quality care in the home care industry, ensuring the safety and well-being of clients is of paramount importance. Effective risk management plays a crucial role in achieving this goal. However, manual and paper-based processes can be time-consuming, prone to errors, and challenging to track consistently. That’s where the power of…

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3 Ways to streamline processes with home care software

3 Ways Home Care Software Streamlines Agency Processes

By AlayaCare / April 17, 2023

Home care agencies are under constant pressure to provide their patients with the best services possible. But making sure you have the right resources and capabilities in place isn’t easy. The home healthcare industry is notoriously resistant to change, but thanks to advances in technology like home care software, agencies can now streamline processes more…

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4 ways to improve client risk management in home care with data

4 Ways to improve client risk management in home care with data 

By AlayaCare / April 10, 2023

Risk management can be a daunting task in home care, but it’s essential to ensure that clients receive the best possible care. With data analytics tools and sound policies, you can launch an effective risk management plan for your home care agency.   Client care can present a variety of risks that can impact the quality…

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