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4 growth strategies for home care agencies according to industry experts

By AlayaCare / October 14, 2022

On Oct 4th, 2022, Home Health Care News, in partnership with AlayaCare, hosted a webinar: “Growth Strategies for Home Care Agencies”. This webinar was focused on home-based care growth plans and what strategies are best for home care organizations to gain financial health and continue to grow and be successful in the industry.    

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3 Ways to grow your home care agency during challenging times

By AlayaCare / September 14, 2022

The last few years have been challenging for the home care industry. First with the pandemic and now the upcoming post-pandemic recession, many home care agencies are looking for ways to remain resilient and successful during the recession. Thankfully, there are still opportunities for home care organizations to grow, even during the recession.  

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Steps to prevent ransomware attacks in home care

By AlayaCare / August 11, 2022

Cybersecurity is a critical challenge facing the healthcare industry globally. Along with phishing, ransomware ranks as a top threat to EHR security. A 2021 report by HIMSS uncovered that ransomware was the second-most common vector of cybersecurity incidents in the healthcare industry, comprising 17% of all breaches.  

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Collaborate quickly and easily with AlayaCare Secure Messaging

By AlayaCare / July 27, 2022

Improving collaboration among staff is a top priority for many home care agencies. However, a solution needs to be secure and encrypted when discussing client information through a HIPAA-compliant* communication system. Most agencies find themselves juggling multiple different solutions for communication and work function, such as texting, email, voice notes, phone calls etc. However, not…

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Simplify Home Care Agency Accounting with Integrated Accounting Software

By AlayaCare / December 6, 2021

Home care agency accounting is one of the most tedious and time consuming processes in your organization. According to Zapier, nearly a quarter (24 percent) of small business owners spend 5-10+ hours each week on administrative tasks alone. 

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How technology can help agencies prioritize risk management in the age of data

By AlayaCare / November 16, 2020

The privacy and security risks to which home care agencies are susceptible have been well-publicized recently. Data breaches affecting home care and home health providers continues to rise, with some reports showing incidents up 83% in the last ten years. As our industry continues to grow and evolve, it has never been more important for providers to understand the risks that they…

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Maximize Clinical Documentation Efficiency with AlayaCare’s Fully Integrated 485

By AlayaCare / November 17, 2017

The 485 (a.k.a. the Plan of Care) is the keystone piece of home care that links physicians and agencies. Its purposes are many; a clear and concise perspective of the client health along with diagnoses, medications, interventions, allergies, ADLs, risks and more.

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CODE RED: Emergency Preparedness Rule set to impact Medicaid business

By AlayaCare / May 30, 2017

In 2016, there were 46 “major disasters” and another 50 fire-related national emergencies, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). There were also “emergency declarations” across another seven states in the wake not only of Hurricane Matthew but contaminated water in Michigan and severe storms in both Missouri and Louisiana. 

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A Window on the Future of Home Care Market: Implications for the Mandatory use of Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)

By AlayaCare / May 16, 2017

A window of opportunity has arrived. Section 12006 of the Obama administration’s 21st Century CURES Act ushered in what most in the home care services industry expected: measures to corral unchecked and sometimes fraudulent billing practices to Medicaid. That came largely in the form of one newly mandatory requirement: Electronic Visit Verification (EVV), which allows…

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The Benefits of Electronic Point of Care Documentation in Home Care

By AlayaCare / March 31, 2017

Due to growing pains of the industry and the subsequent nursing shortage, home care providers are placing more emphasis on ensuring appropriate visit documentation is completed rather than ensuring the information is documented thoroughly and accurately. Specifically, agencies operating on paper processes see more physically damaged or lost documentation, increased caregiver error at the point…

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