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Canadian Startup Poised to Enter U.S. Home Healthcare Market

By AlayaCare / February 16, 2016

Article written by Tim Rowan of Rowan Consulting Associates via Home Care Technology Report. Original link here: 

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Self-Directed Care: Empowering Individuals & Maximizing Efficiencies

By AlayaCare / June 30, 2015

Earlier this year a thought provoking government-commissioned report on home care in Ontario was released, highlighting the struggling state of the system and its urgent need for restructuring. Titled “The Care We Need”, the critical report prompted the provincial government to release a new funding program as a direct response, implementing a series of pilot…

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Why Your Home Care Software Solution Should Reside in the Country you Provide Care

By AlayaCare / March 14, 2015

5 Considerations Why Your Cloud Based Home Care Software Solution Should Reside in the Country Where you Provide Care Pew Research Centre, an authority on measuring personal information and privacy, routinely polls US audiences and reports that Health Care and medication information ranks second behind only a social security number in terms of ‘very sensitive’…

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4 Technology Initiatives to Make Home Care Easier in Ontario Healthcare System

By AlayaCare / February 8, 2015

It’s time for a MASH things up a bit in the Ontario Healthcare system!

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