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Ease the Pain of Home Care Clinical Audits

By AlayaCare / July 7, 2015

Audit: a term that in itself can instill fear, anxiety, and distress by sheer mention alone. Perceived by most as painful and costly in both time and energy, the process of collecting data, ensuring the compliance of prescribed services and analyzing overall patient outcomes, doesn’t exactly sound appealing. Combine that with the scrutiny of other…

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4 Technology Initiatives to Make Home Care Easier in Ontario Healthcare System

By AlayaCare / February 8, 2015

It’s time for a MASH things up a bit in the Ontario Healthcare system!

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4 Reasons Why GPS-Enabled Mobile Care Workers are a Home Care Agency’s Best Friend

By AlayaCare / February 2, 2015

Mobility in home healthcare is not new. Agencies have dipped their toes in mobility over the past 10 years with varying degrees of dedication – from automated phone clocking systems to care workers and nurses lugging around laptops to the few agencies who have made the investment in mobile phones or tablets for their team…

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Throw Away Your Map and Pushpin There is an Easier Way to Schedule for Home Care Agencies

By AlayaCare / January 10, 2015

During a recent deployment, as we typically do, we had a usability session with a home healthcare agency Intake Coordinator who showed us her all too common setup. Pre-AlayaCare she jumps between their current solution and Google Maps, entering the client info into Google Maps. She then compares it with a map she has printed…

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Why UX Matters: Navel Gazing and the Dangers of Home Health Care Software Design

By AlayaCare / October 20, 2014

Too often companies have succumb to the temptation of mirror based design thinking. This can often result in a solution looking for a problem, a convoluted and meandering path to simple straightforward tasks and worse a capital investment that will require a write off in 1-2 years when the solution is scrapped. Here are some…

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Data is the New Oil, Why Big Data’s Time is Now for Home Healthcare

By AlayaCare / October 11, 2014

We are not the first to say “Data is the new oil”, and we won’t be the last. As the cost of data storage shrinks, the amount of data created by the digital economy is growing at exponential speed. Many industries are leveraging this new resource to uncover knowledge that would have been impossible, let…

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Is the Cloud Safe for Home Healthcare… Yes!

By AlayaCare / September 2, 2014

Is my company’s data safe in the cloud? Is my personal health data safe in the cloud? More and more of our data, both personal and business, is being stored and manipulated in the cloud by SaaS (Software as a Service) software providers from Google and Dropbox to big name Electronic Health Records and Accounting…

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