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AlayaCare University: Empower your team with expert-led training

AlayaCare University: Empower your team with expert-led training

By AlayaCare / May 11, 2023

Onboarding and training agency staff can be a very time-consuming process. Agencies currently rely on siloed Learning Management Systems (LMS), creating friction and time lags that prevent staff from getting…

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AIRDOCS Offers Custom Communications to AlayaCare Clients

By AlayaCare / December 18, 2018

AlayaCare is fortunate to enjoy many strong partnerships with companies whose tools amplify our software platform and provide even greater value to our clients. One such company is AIRDOCS, whose…

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AlayaCare Budget Module: Effortlessly Define & Track Income Vs. Expenses

By AlayaCare / May 25, 2018

Several countries, such as France, Germany and Australia, have implemented self-directed models of care delivery, boosting patient satisfaction by giving individuals and families a greater say in their care packages.…

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Rise of the Dutch Model of Neighbourhood Care

By AlayaCare / May 11, 2018

Almelo is a town of about 72,000 residents that sits in eastern Holland. It is there, around the middle of last decade, where a local nurse named Jos de Blok…

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Important Predictions for Homecare in 2018

By AlayaCare / November 8, 2017

As we look towards 2018 in the homecare sector, we see a global market filled with opportunity and growth. That doesn’t mean that homecare providers will get to rest on…

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The Role of Telehealth in a Consumer Directed Care Model

By AlayaCare / April 6, 2017

The latest phase of Consumer Directed Care (CDC) implementation for community aged care promotes a market-driven approach that empowers clients; it emphasizes clients’ right to have more visibility, engagement, and arguably…

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How to Ensure your Home Care Agency is Ready for Consumer Directed Care

By AlayaCare / February 14, 2017

With consumer-centred care on the rise across the globe, the aged care sector is getting their gears ready for the latest regulation implemented in Australia – Consumer Directed Care (CDC).…

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Consumer Directed Services: Putting the Home Care Client First

By AlayaCare / June 9, 2016

Consumer Directed Services (CDS) models have been a concept in healthcare for some time now. The model name varies depending on your location, however the concept remains consistent; Cash and…

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