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Visit our New and Improved AlayaCare Ideas Forum!


Inside our technology company, it’s not just developers who conceive the next innovation.  Our gears turn in sync with the actual needs of home care agencies and their clients. 

Our teams at AlayaCare exist within a community, and we’ve always welcomed and installed ideas that originate with our collaborators: the people who use our software every workday. This was the spur behind our initial “Ideas Forum”, where our community of users can browse new ideas on the testing floor, and have a voice in refining them so they are as useful as possible.  

In true democratic fashion, users have voted on every idea – and the more votes received means the more that particular product is finetuned, scrutinized, and developed for maximum impact. 

“A culture of innovation, in collaboration with users, helps us meet the specific, evolving needs of home care agencies,” says Patrick Charbonneau, AlayaCare’s VP Product Management. “It’s also essential that our operations be transparent to stakeholders, because the best solutions are constantly in motion, and we want everyone to be able to move forward in unison.” 

Introducing: an all-new Ideas Forum 

AlayaCare is home care’s first outcome-focused software and, every month, we release improved features based on constant review of our product and feedback from our clients.  Now, this mechanism for client collaboration is evolving so there are more ways for users to communicate with developers.   

AlayaCare Ideas Mockup

Our new platform launches September 29th offering new pathways to connect and collaborate not only with AlayaCare product teams but with industry colleagues as well. This exchange of information means agencies can share insights and challenges while exploring product questions and use cases.  

In our ideas forum, users can:  

  • Browse existing ideas to see what other users have submitted  
  • Submit new ideas 
  • Vote and comment on popular ideas 

Our refreshed Ideas Forum is just the beginning of our enhanced AlayaCare community initiative. Stay tuned for more information about the exciting developments to come!