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Press release

The Importance of the User Experience (UX) in Home Care Software


When it comes to choosing a home care software solution for your home care business, the User Experience (UX) — or the overall experience that an employee or patient has with your software — is key.  

Everything from the way a product looks and performs on a variety of different platforms can mean the difference between efficiency — and frustration.  A poor user experience can end up creating more problems than it solves, over-complicating processes and wasting time and money.  

Conversely, a well-designed, easy to use interface leads to better usability, positive user experiences, and ultimately, better patient outcomes.User Experience Tour 2017-01.png

At AlayaCare, we pride ourselves on offering our customers an unparalleled user experience — and we’ve made it a priority to continuously improve upon it with real-time feedback from our clients.

In fact, the backbone of AlayaCare’s revolutionary cloud-based home care software is our client-focused strategy, and for the past three years we’ve relied on our clients’ strategic feedback to help us shape our software.

Much of the feedback we receive originates with our Customer Advisory Board (CAB), which comprises several AlayaCare customers who participate in quarterly teleconferences to review our proposed plans, discuss challenges, and even vote on software features. One proposed tactic stemming from these teleconferences was to host a User Experience (UX) Month, to focus on our core user experience.

We are pleased to announce that the UX Month is now a reality!

AlayaCare Launches User Experience (UX) Month: July 24 – August 21 2017

For four weeks beginning July 24th, Team AlayaCare will collectively focus on a “concert tour” of performance improvements, polishing core workflows and features, infrastructure enhancements and more — all with the goal of optimizing the user experience for all our customers.

To prepare, each of our groups across the organization, from Quality Assurance to Sales, will assemble a dream “set list” of things they’d most like to improve. From there, our VPs and Directors reviewed and prioritized the plan that would deliver the greatest impact.

We are excited about this inaugural event and how it will continue to help us tailor even more enhanced experiences for our stakeholders through our award-winning, industry-leading product.