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The Growth of AlayaLabs


AlayaLabs is growing! So far, we have been focusing on research to get a better understanding of the challenges home health care agencies are facing that we could address with science.

Our most recent project was one stemming from a partnership with CBI We Care, where we studied the effects of machine learning algorithms on the care worker decision making process. This study proved to be extremely successful and taught us that machine learning alert systems can support and improve the care worker decision making process in order to provide better patient outcomes. You can read more in the Machine Learning White Paper

We also partnered with Professor Louis-Martin Rousseau from the department of Mathematics and Industrial Engineering at Polytechnique Montreal to develop a schedule and routing optimization algorithm tailored to the home health care industry.

Building on our previous research, this latter collaboration is continuing through a two years MEDTEQ project aimed at providing scientific tools to home health care agencies.

I’m excited to say that researchers have started to tackle the challenges and that we have crazy ideas on how to overcome them! We are focused on bringing the best of machine learning and optimization into the AlayaCare platform in order for our clients to benefit from the latest research. Improving operational efficiency and patient outcomes are our main objectives.

Traditionally, it has been hard to get mathematicians excited about home health care since there was no real platform to test and implement their findings. Now that AlayaCare is in the market, it is very easy to get the best of minds interested in working with us.

These are very exciting times for AlayaLabs. Great challenges, but many amazing people to solve them.