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The future of vaccine tracking


Vaccine mandates for health care workers are here, whether you and your team instated them or not. With Federal, State and Provincial vaccination compliance deadlines looming, time is of the essence for home health providers to implement an efficient solution that ensures they can track and report on staff vaccination status. But these mandates are leaving many home care organizations asking, ‘How do I track employee COVID-19 vaccinations?’ 

Introducing AlayaCare’s Vaccine Tracker Automation 

AlayaCare Vaccine Tracker Mockup

AlayaCare has created a new premium Compliance Tracker Automation package that includes a Vaccine Tracker Automation feature to give you an efficient way to track employee vaccination status and keep your business compliant. 



The Vaccine Tracker Automation feature will allow you to: 

  • Automate tracking of staff vaccination status to ensure compliance with federal mandates.  
  • Trim time and resources that staff would otherwise devote to manual administrative tracking of vaccination status. 
  • Easily run reports to identify who has not yet submitted proof of vaccination.  
  • Caregivers upload proof of vaccination is automatically added to your employee’s profile. 
  • SMS reminders to unvaccinated employees until proof of vaccination details have been confirmed reducing the time you waste on chasing information down.  


Agency challenges and how AlayaCare Vaccine Tracker Automation solve them: 

Challenge #1 

Some agencies are still using paper method to track care giver vaccination status, increasing the risk for errors leading to non-compliance.  


With AlayaCare, your agency can say goodbye to unnecessary paper-methods for tracking vaccine status. You will have the ability to access care giver vaccine status records which are automatically attached directly to your employee’s profile one they upload them to the system. With our cloud-based system, you will be able to track the status updates in real-time, from anywhere and run reports to know which of your staff have yet to be vaccinated. Automatic reminders will also be sent to your staff via SMS to remind them to upload their vaccine status! 

Challenge #2 

Workers in most health care facilities in the U.S. who receive Medicare or Medicaid reimbursement, or agencies funded through the Ministry of Health across Canada, will soon be required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Unvaccinated employees will not be able to pick up shifts until they are compliantThird-party systems tracking vaccine status are stand-alone and don’t prevent care providers from picking up shifts if unvaccinated 


With the AlayaCare Vaccine Tracker Automation, you will be able to ensure that all employees who are providing care and in compliance with this new mandate. Once CMS or another regulatory body provides a final date for compliance, you will have the choice to list unvaccinated employees as suspended and disabled from being added to shifts. 

Challenge #3 

Chasing after employees to provide vaccine status is time-consuming.  


The Vaccine Tracker Automation sends SMS reminders to unvaccinated employees until proof of vaccination details have been confirmed. This reduces the time your administrative staff need to waste tracking down vaccine status of your care givers. With everything stored in our cloud-based solution, you will always have access to this data from anywhere, allowing you to know exactly who is vaccinated and who isn’t at the tips of your fingers.  


If you are already an AlayaCare client, get in touch with your customer relations rep today. Or to learn more about the AlayaCare solution, drop us a line and ask for a free demo. 



If you have additional product feedback, we want to hear from you! Visit the AlayaCare Ideas Forum to share your thoughts and suggestions on how we can improve our software to better serve your needs. 


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