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Technology is Needed to Survive in Home Care Industry During and After Pandemic


In order for agencies to successfully scale and adapt to the evolving landscape due to the pandemic, the right technology simply must be in place. It is the key to seizing opportunity and getting ahead. Amidst the challenges the COVID-19 pandemic has presented, pieces of business such as keeping staff happy, fulfilling each client’s needs, keeping continuity of service, applying EVV, and keeping the administrative side of business fluid all become magnified.  

Most important for any agency navigating the challenges of the industry, both pre- and post-pandemic, is to choose software that not only covers an agency’s needs today and tomorrow — but can grow and evolve right along with a scaling home care enterprise.  


AlayaCare is an advanced home and community software company, and we’ve seen many clients achieve streamlined operations, increased business, and scalability by learning how technology can work for them:

In the wake of the pandemic, AlayaCare quickly developed industry-leading solutions to help mitigate COVID-19 risks, ensuring both caregivers and their patients are safe and provided with continued quality care during challenging times. AlayaCare’s industry-leading Virtual Care Suite includes: a COVID-19 screening tool that enables care providers to assess a client’s risk for infection; a secure video conferencing feature that seamlessly adapts in-person visits to virtual ones; and a Family Portal, which allows clients and their families to access and manage information about their loved ones’ care plans.

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Technology is key to helping home care agencies grow and adapt to change. In order to grow a business, efficient gains are a must — and agencies would be wise to explore software solutions that are concentrating not only on the well-known issues in today’s industry, but on predicting those to come.

Shifting from paper-based systems is the most low-hanging fruit there is. Agencies who wish to grow and deliver quality care and support to their clients need to optimize their entire operation. The pill for that headache is a solid tech solution.


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