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School’s in Session: Welcome to AlayaCare University


Today, we proudly launch AlayaCare University at Better Outcomes 2018, our annual user conference taking place in Niagara Falls, Ontario. There’s no time like the present to take a dive into what this educational initiative is all about and how it helps home care agencies get technologically proficient in short order.

AlayaCare University: A Primer 

What is it? 

We know implementing and using new technology solutions can seem daunting, even when it’s meant to make life easier. It takes time and practice for it to be seamless. But time for home care agencies is anything but a luxury. In this booming market where client support can’t dip for any reason, agencies need to hit the ground running with any new system upgrade.   

With that in mind, AlayaCare University is an avenue to give our users the guidance they need to get the most out of our market-leading end-to-end software. It flows from the success of our partnership with WalkMe that we announced back in the winter.

We teamed with WalkMe so that our agencies and our own employees can seamlessly implement and adapt software with customized support, video tutorials and tips that are built right into the product. With high-end technology, it is of considerable value to teach end-users how to work with the product — and ensure they have the right information they need at the right time.   

The success of this initiative set the stage for AlayaCare University. It will include live workshops at various events, such as Better Outcomes, home care conferences, and potentially meetings of our Customer Advisory Board. There is no substitute for face-to-face instruction, so AlayaCare will take any opportunity to teach clients about a new feature that has been rolled out, or how to take full advantage of any aspect of the software. 

AlayaCare University will also be built right into the product, using WalkMe’s e-learning tool. Modules, for instance, could help coordinators with advanced scheduling, or PSWs with building personalized care plans. Also, the program will feature intelligent support that guides people as they are actually using the software in real-time.

Why do we need it?

AlayaCare is built to address three key challenges. 

  1. Getting clients live: We want all our clients, from small to enterprise-sized agencies across seven countries, to go live as efficiently as possible. AlayaCare University can help the simple path of getting agencies live by training users in a way that is customized to their needs. The more the end user knows, the safer clients can go live with complete confidence.
  1. Employee churn: The right technology can help curb this massive industry problem. Due to potentially high stress and challenging work, losing coordinators and field workers is a problem. If you go live with great technology but two months later suffer 10% turnover in staff, that means you must onboard new staff who are untrained — forcing users to train users rather than the people who made the technology. Having AlayaCare University built into our product means experts can, in a way, train new users as well as train existing users in any new software features. The curriculum is there, and anybody can access it.
  1. Inconsistent use of technology: There are hundreds of different ways people might choose to get the job done within any software solution. For any agency, depending on factors such as the size of the market, there are specific methods to perform tasks at the highest efficiency. We believe there is room to set best practices within the AlayaCare curriculum, so users understand right off the bat what is proven to be the optimal way to operate. Best practices exist everywhere in medicine, so they should exist in home care software as well. It makes life easier, employees will be happier, and the entire operation will run smoother.

Better Outcomes 2018 is on until this Friday, September 14th where attendees can learn more about the AlayaCare University launch and experience. Not attending AlayaCare’s user conference? You can request more information about AlayaCare University by reaching out to the VP, Product at AlayaCare, Neil Grunberg at

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