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Q&A with AlayaCare Client Axiom Care Solutions


Based in British Columbia, Canada, Axiom Care Solutions LP is a start-up home care company that founders Khairrunnissa Rhemtulla and Sheazin Premji built to make a difference in the quality of life for individuals and their families who want to live at home. The co-founders bring decades of experience in health-care to the business — from hands-on care delivery to health-care leadership — and have a vision to show that it’s possible to provide more, better care with less strain to the overall system. 

Axiom Care Solutions recently implemented AlayaCare’s software solution and we had the chance to speak with Khairrunnissa and Sheazin about their experience to date, and what they hope to gain from the technology. This Q&A reflects both of their thoughts.


Khairrunnissa and Sheazin, thanks for speaking with us. Can you tell us a little bit about Axiom Care Solutions to start?

While we provide direct care services, our focus right now is on consulting — how to personalize and customize homecare services for each client. People understandably tend to be overwhelmed when facing care decisions for their family members. They want to make sure they’re doing what’s best, and that’s where we come in. 

The client and their family is central to defining the services we provide. One of the first questions we often ask is: “What does a good day look like for you?” This takes many people by surprise, but our goal is to deliver our clients those good days — whether it’s something as simple as going out for a walk or buying a lottery ticket, to more significant wishes like spending more time with their grandchildren.

To us, that’s what it’s about when we talk about care and quality of care — listening to someone’s needs and wants rather than defining what they should be for them. Health care too often carries a “let’s fix it” philosophy. We want to get away from that and focus on what’s most important for our clients and their families so that we can reduce their stress and help them live at home with dignity and comfort.


How does AlayaCare address your needs?

We needed a software solution that let us be transparent and that facilitated the sharing of information. This is how we felt a relationship of trust is formed in a partnership. We were quite impressed with AlayaCare’s offering and we’ve only just begun to realize the benefits of the software. Currently, we primarily use it for scheduling, documentation, planning, and billing. It’s very user-friendly. 

In the field, our nursing staff have been able to track their visits and easily monitor client health statuses, as well as ensuring their needs have been addressed each day. We’re able to track their progress, attach relevant documents and create customized reports, all in one file.

We really like that when our nurses are with a client, they can document any recommendations or information around his or her needs in real-time. That immediate feedback capability is wonderful, and eliminates the need to write things on paper and then transfer it electronically. We’ve also started looking into some of the data tracking capabilities of the software, and recently created a custom report for our bookkeeper.


What is the vision behind Axiom, and where do you hope to take the company?

We started discussing this possible business a decade ago. Based on our experiences in the health care industry, we both feel strongly that there is a huge opportunity to reduce the amount of time people spend in acute care facilities waiting for community and home care support, or an impetus to direct patients to long term care without a comprehensive assessment of what possibilities exist for them to live at home.

We started to see patients and families having trouble navigating the health-care system, and that lack of knowledge caused considerable anxiety and stress. You can be the smartest person around, but when something happens to your loved one, it can be really difficult to know what to do. We felt there was a strong need for a trusted, independent opinion from someone removed from that emotional state. Someone who could really listen, provide the guidance, and do the legwork in order to inform sound decisions.  

Our long-term goal is to provide a proof of concept to show that it’s possible to reduce readmissions and provide better care, while reducing the burden on the overall health care system. The data we collect through AlayaCare’s software will be critical for this.

Any tips for other agencies who need a new software solution?

It’s important to know precisely what you want from the software. For us, AlayaCare’s client portal and the ability to share information is key. In terms of tips for implementation, we’d recommend being transparent about what your plans and goals are, and have an open and honest dialogue with AlayaCare about what’s most feasible for a timeline based on your company’s needs and your staff’s bandwidth.

We realize now we were ambitious in how quickly we wanted to roll everything out given the efforts underway to set up a new company. That said, we are very happy with where things are at now, and are looking forward to continuing to optimize the software for our needs. 

Stay tuned as we continue to following Axiom over the next year as they look to transform the healthcare space.