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New Look, Same Support: Say Hello to our Refreshed Product Logos


With so much difficult news and conflicting priorities right now, we at AlayaCare are acutely aware that refreshed product logos and nomenclature may be the last thing on your mind.

But here’s the thing: we also know the last thing you want on your mind is one more unexpected item, big or small, amidst the current state of the world. You and your teams must instead stay focused on what you do best: delivering exceptional customer care, even during trying times.

So, here we are, communicating openly and transparently about AlayaCare’s visual look, to avert any possible element of surprise. Now, when you log in and are greeted by new logos on your devices, you will think, “oh, right!” instead of “what’s this?” We also want you to rest assured that while logos may be different, your products and the support you receive for them remain the same.

Why the change now?

Over the past while, we’ve onboarded many products and people into the AlayaCare family. This is led by acquisitions of Canesto Systems and, most recently, both Arrow and Procura.  It was important for us to refresh the product logos to ensure everything under the AlayaCare umbrella is aligned. To grow with cohesion.

We have a tremendous amount of respect for all of the teams who are now part of AlayaCare, and the industry solutions they have built. All of us, together, share an unwavering commitment to deliver innovative technology to support you, our clients – and even more so during times like these.

Our entire family of products now reside on our new support page – which has one-click access to support for the complete AlayaCare offering.

We’ve put together a brief FAQ below of the most commonly asked questions we’ve received, but if there’s anything that’s not addressed here, please reach out to us anytime. Know that our entire team is focusing on how to deliver new ways to support you across the board, to drive better outcomes for your clients – no matter the circumstances.



Q: Why are we updating the logos?​

A: Bringing innovative products to you that achieve your goals has and always will be our number one focus. Part of this commitment means that we demonstrate product brand alignment and clarity amongst our growing customer base. Our new logos hopefully create a sense of cohesion and unity amongst our various products. Your software will absolutely not be changing as a result of the logo updates. ​

Q: I noticed the logos changed on the support page. Will the [Procura][Arrow][CIMS] product be changing as a result?​

A: No. Your software will not change as a result of the rebrand. The new logos simply represent brand alignment across all AlayaCare products​.

Q: Is the AlayaCare logo changing as a result of the rebrand?​ 

A: No. The AlayaCare brand will remain the same. ​

Q: What is “AlayaCare Cloud”?​ 

A: AlayaCare Cloud represents the new naming convention of the AlayaCare product. This rebrand helps to distinguish between AlayaCare as a company and software. There are no changes to the product as a result.

Q: Will the new logos be updated in the various product platforms?​

A: Over the next while, you’ll see the new logos updated throughout the product platforms. In some places, the old logos may remain for now  – this is all just part of our own phased roll-out plan.  Please know that whether you see an old or a new logo, your software remains the same.

Q: What does “Powered by AlayaCare” mean?​

A: This refers to the various products, brought to you by AlayaCare as a company. This does not have an impact on the way your software is currently running or being delivered.  ​

Q: How does the support page work?

A: When you log on to our new support page, you’ll see all of the products in the AlayaCare family at-a-glance. There, you’ll be able to visit the help desk for each specific product, or contact a member of the AlayaCare team for more information.

Q: What are all of the products that now fall under the AlayaCare family?

A: The portfolio of AlayaCare products includes:

CIMS Powered by AlayaCare

CIMS Powered by AlayaCare is a contact and resource management software for home and community care.

Procura Powered by AlayaCare

Procura Powered by AlayaCare is an enterprise care management software providing the clinical, operational and financial capabilities you need to deliver great care.

ARROW Powered by AlayaCare

ARROW Powered by AlayaCare offers intuitive scheduling, full compliance coverage, flexibility in billing and payroll, and data-driven reporting.

AlayaCare Cloud

The AlayaCare Cloud is an end-to-end home and community care software offering both traditional in-home and virtual care solutions spanning clinical documentation, back-office operations, financial management, mobile app, family portal, and remote patient monitoring.

AlayaCare Residential

AlayaCare Residential – formerly CareExchange – is a robust and reliable cloud-based system enabling residential care organizations in Australia to provide more effective and efficient services. The solution offers a holistic view of client information enabling staff to provide more personalized and proactive care. The software simplifies complex multidisciplinary charting and workflows empowering providers to focus less on administrative tasks and more on delivering better care.