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Maximize Clinical Documentation Efficiency with AlayaCare’s Fully Integrated 485


The 485 (a.k.a. the Plan of Care) is the keystone piece of home care that links physicians and agencies. Its purposes are many; a clear and concise perspective of the client health along with diagnoses, medications, interventions, allergies, ADLs, risks and more.

At AlayaCare we’ve been working hard with our partner BAYADA and other leading providers to reap the benefits of this feature in the clinical documentation portion of the AlayaCare home care software platform.  For AlayaCare, it’s another key step in our path to providing software for all providers regardless of payer, market, state or line of business that provides services for nursing, therapy and non-medical care givers. 

“Meeting the requirement” is something our clients and partners hear often from our client success managers and product teams. But what does meeting a requirement truly entail? The skill and genius of amazing product managers is to solve the real problem. It begins with many hours of client interviews with clinicians, payers, physician as the primary sources of knowledge.

An important consideration is where AlayaCare believes the market is going. As integral as the 485 is to all stakeholders, we believe the 485 has drawbacks that have been born from its genesis – paper. 

Agencies operating on paper processes see more physically damaged or lost documentation, increased human error, and illegibility, yielding less efficient workflows and a potentially negative impact on the quality of care.  

Providers are expected to care for more clients with fewer resources, which is why an increasing number of agencies are turning to technology to help alleviate time-consuming processes, and increase efficiencies. Electronic point-of-care documentation solutions have the ability to streamline tasks such as data collection and reporting, allowing home care agency field staff and clinicians to free up time to focus on their clients. 

Introducing the AlayaCare 485

Maximize your operational and clinical documentation efficiency with AlayaCare’s fully integrated, electronic 485. Facilitate the empowerment of home care staff to accomplish more in less time, all within a single platform.

The AlayaCare 485 allows you to: 

  • Access the draft or approved Plan of Care on both web and mobile 
  • Benefit from auto-population functionality to limit data entry and ensure the 485 contains the most up-to-date required health and demographic data
  • Integrate Plan of Care tasks such as vitals, ADLs, MARs etc.
  • Enhance compliance with a complete audit trail  



Agency pain points and how AlayaCare’s 485 solves them

Pain Point #1

Often strengths can become obsolete and limiting. Take for instance the time interval of the data found on the Plan of Care. This viewpoint is extremely limited when you consider the visiting nurse, or even Aide, that sees and captures clinical data and communicates with clients on a daily basis. For clinical managers, 485 data is more relevant and meaningful in context – all data from all visits.


AlayaCare’s visualizations, trends, and configurable vitals thresholds all work in unison to provide the supervising nurse with a comprehensive 485 containing the information to course correct, modify interventions, and deliver the best care they’ve been trained to provide.


Pain Point #2

While electronic clinical charting is becoming more prominent in most medical settings, home care providers are still lacking access truly mobile documentation solutions.


With AlayaCare’s electronic point-of-care solution, nurses have access to the Plan of Care on both web and mobile platforms. This will make critical client information more accessible and transparent and can promote better client care.


Pain Point #3

Clinical audits play a major role in providing oversight and verification of industry standards and regulations. However, the process of collecting data, ensuring the compliance of prescribed services and analyzing overall client outcomes if the correct processes aren’t in place can be a huge project.


Despite the negative connotation, auditing doesn’t have to be a painful or fear evoking process. With AlayaCare’s sophisticated 485 and built in QA best practices, agencies have a complete audit trail of who updated the document and when so you can seamlessly and efficiently access and review document history.

Check out the AlayaCare 485

Whether your agency is currently operating on paper documentation or your working on a dated legacy solution, AlayaCare could be the solution you’ve been looking for. 

Learn more about how AlayaCare’s 485 qand clinical documentation solution can drive your organization forward by clicking the link below.