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Tips for Marketing Your Home Healthcare Telehealth Solution


There is a growing demand for convenience and innovation as the industry shifts to value-based care, which has resulted in the increased use of telehealth technology. Telehealth services have been associated with a number of benefits such as lowering healthcare costs, eliminating unnecessary travel and reducing hospital readmissions.

However, the real challenge for most providers who have adopted a telehealth solution is to be able to effectively market their new value-based services in a way that highlights the true advantages of telehealth.

We recently hosted a webinar with our CEO Adrian Schauer and expert consultant Tim Rowan of Rowan Consulting Associates and the Home Care Technology Report about how home telehealth is revolutionizing the healthcare industry.

During the webinar we discussed the current and future states of the industry and the benefits of enhancing the services you provide by implementing a telehealth solution. In relation to the points discussed in the webinar, what we didn’t touch on was how essential a solid marketing strategy is to help agencies and other healthcare organizations get the word out about their telehealth services.

A marketing plan for telehealth services presents an opportunity for providers to inform and educate potential clients who may benefit from this kind of technology.

According to the Telehealth Resource Center, “Patients, clinicians, administrators, government leaders and others often have little familiarity with the benefits of telehealth. Your marketing program can provide that information and create a climate for success.”

There are and endless amount of opportunities and methods in which you can market your new services, but here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Strong mention of telehealth services on your website
  • Content marketing: regular blogs, social media posts, videos, webinars etc. that inform and educate your audience on the services you’re providing
  • Press releases on new features, studies and services your company is offering or released
  • Showcase referrals and testimonials from clients who are using and have benefited from your telehealth services
  • Email marketing: let your client base know about your services and the potential benefits and give them the opportunity to request more information if they’re interested

Keep in mind that with marketing, it’s important to strategically develop your plan to ensure your messaging is consistent and that you’re reaching the appropriate target market on a consistent basis. Haven’t yet implemented a telehealth solution?

Request a live demo of AlayaCare today, and start thinking about how you can communicate to your clients how our telehealth solution can help you improve their outcomes.