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How to Convince Your Manager to Consider New Home Care Software


One doesn’t need to be a chief officer, a director or even a manager to be able to spot deficiencies at a home care agency – and see how new technology could help correct them. 

In fact, the first steps to a digital transformation (in a company of any kind) often originate near the ground level, by the people who see how things could potentially be improved with a dose of innovation. In fact, a common sentiment among business leaders is that that buzzword “digital transformation” is an arduous, risky, and/or expensive endeavor.  

Yet the truth is, while it does take some effort to get up and running across the board, upgrading systems today is a more straightforward journey than ever before. Technology companies can assess the software a home care agency currently has in place, and work to best support the rollout that minimizes disruptions and sets up employees to be able to function out of the gate.  

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These days, a digital transformation in home care has taken on vast new meaning. As the industry itself explodes into greater demand – courtesy of aging populations and their desire to live at home – so too does the software industry that helps agencies provide that care, handle billing, and perform all of the back office mechanics that steer the ship.  

In tech, there is a tremendous spike in new technologies designed to serve providers and their clients. In a very short time, tools like remote patient monitoring, mobile care solutions, virtual consults, patient portals, and powerful data analytics have become commonplace even while they evolve 

In short, now is the time for any agency to consider new technology. And since it is often non-managers that first see the forest-for-the-trees, here is a handy list of tips that can help make the case to the folks in charge. 

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9 tips for when it’s time for the tech talk  

It Can Help Demand

As we mention above, home care software can do far more than ever before, and it is likely most agencies don’t realize the true level of potential within modern tools. There is a bit of an innovation race in the tech industry, matched by healthy competition among agencies who are trying to meet the rising demand for home care services. Technology is the prime way to meet such demand.  

This is Custom Software

Software companies, like AlayaCare, are specifically built to support the home care sector. And through years of customer feedback, we are well aware of the specific challenges and needs of an agency’s many moving parts. This isn’t about taking generic software and trying to apply it to the business of home care. Not only is it customized for home care, it can typically be tweaked for each individual agency’s needs.  

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It Can Cover All of Your Needs

Software that is continuously improved is purpose-built to provide opportunities to a home care agency that wouldn’t exist in the absence of that software. It stretches across all elements of the agency, from care providers to schedulers to finance to administrators, optimizing the efforts of all the teams involved.   

Proven value

It’s best to back up your case with specific metrics that showcase what’s possible. For instance, AlayaCare data shows that the precision use of our software can yield up to a 20 percent increase in caregiver utilization, reduce their weekly travel by 34 percent, free up schedulers’ time by 35 percent, and trim the recruitment costs to an agency by 15 percent. There are metrics everywhere and your tech provider can help you find them.

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Ask the software company

Nobody can better explain the value of a new software platform and its interwoven systems better than its developers. Any company should be happy to take the time to help you beef up your case with some specialized support – and even be willing to write an email to your manager or have an exploratory conversation 

Tailor the Case To Your Pain points

Are there well-known pain points in your agency? Use them as specific examples to educate agency managers about how the new software could help fill the gaps. By identifying particular areas of the business that can have a massive impact on the bottom line, digital transformation quickly feels reasonable rather than overwhelming. (Quick read: 10 signs you’ve outgrown your current software.)    

Obtain Some Multimedia

Most tech companies produce demos of their software in action, as well as instructive videos showing how their platform is used for new efficiencies. These bonus materials will help bolster the case to your manager, and illustrate how intuitive and smart the tech is.  

Find Out if Your Competitors Have Switched

If you are able to find out, this is a surefire way to draw some attention. If competitors have made a digital transformation your agency wouldn’t want to be left behind and forfeit a competitive advantage. 

Enlist Some Supporters

Ask your fellow employees to provide feedback on how well their day to day job function is working right now. Set a few meetings, issue a quick online survey, and get the feedback that builds your business cases from the ground up. Unearth specific examples and opportunities across multiple stakeholders that help drive the point home.  

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It’s 2021 nowand as months go on, technology accelerates. Sticking with outdated legacy software just won’t keep pace with the urgent need to provide individualized care in people’s homes – the way they would like to receive it, and the way payers want to fund it.