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Innovation: What It Means and Why Home Care Needs It


Innovation; the buzzword that has been sweeping the business industry for some time now. This word is so widely overused and generalized that it’s reached the point where we’ve lost touch with what it actual means to be innovative.

Many companies have used the term synonymously with “invention”, using it whenever they’ve simply developed something new, even though invention is really only a small part of what it means to be innovative.

To shed some light on the situation, I asked a few of my fellow AlayaCare employees what innovation means to them. Here is what they came up with:

 “Redefining the curve.” – Kevin Mistry, Account Manager

“Challenging the status quo.” – Lesleanne Blakeley, Client Success Manager

“In the face of risk and failure, innovation is implementing a new way of thinking that creates value and imagines a better future.” – Courtney Sutherland, Client Success Manager


It is clear that their definitions vary, but one thing that can be concluded is that innovation goes far beyond the introduction of a new product or service.

Each of these definitions imply that in order to be innovative, you need to be unique, while also having a vision of change.

The home health care industry is in need of change—it’s in need of innovation. With the senior population growing and technology evolving, providers must commit to continuously finding new ways to improve processes in order to improve the quality of care and overall patient outcomes.

They need to implement solutions that provide value to clients in order to create a better future for home care.

At AlayaCare, to be innovative means creating value for home care agencies through the use of our technology that will ultimately give them the power to improve patient outcomes and change the way home health care is provided.

The difference is that we are continuously searching for new and unique ways to improve our technology and create a better future for home health care—we push boundaries and dig deep to help provide clients and patients with new solutions for their pain points.

So while “innovation” has been diluted and overused, the definition lies in the foundation of AlayaCare.

We no longer have a reason to describe ourselves as innovative, because it can be found in our practices and passion that what we do can, and will, make a difference in the future of home care.