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AlayaCare Budget Module: Effortlessly Define & Track Income Vs. Expenses


Several countries, such as France, Germany and Australia, have implemented self-directed models of care delivery, boosting patient satisfaction by giving individuals and families a greater say in their care packages. This model emphasizes clients’ right to have more visibility, engagement, and arguably the most integral component—choice in the care and services they receive.

With the consumer having more flexibility and choice over what services they receive and how they receive them, they are now entitled to select their services according to what they see fit. This brings the urgency for a platform that is able to disseminate information and break down each service, the cost; hourly, weekly, monthly and yearly as well as the notes that are taken down after each service. 

Introducing AlayaCare’s Budget Module Solution

With AlayaCare’s new budget module, your agency can: 

  • Define and track income vs. expenses for individual clients
  • Create budget templates to reduce data entry
  • Experience a fully integrated budgeting solution 

Agency challenges and how AlayaCare’s budget module solves them: 

Challenge #1

Most home care organizations are poorly positioned to accommodate the shift to consumer- or self-directed care models due to lack of transparency and inadequate data management tools. 


While other vendors have strived to update their existing software, we have developed a modern, revolutionary platform. AlayaCare has developed a next-generation software that is intuitive, responsive and simple to use.

AlayaCare’s budget module allows you to define income vs expenses for a client. Incomes are grouped by Program with the ability to define your Sources, Supplements and Fees/Charges for each. Expenses are defined as Services, Fees, Premiums or Equipment/Supplies. The budget’s balance is automatically derived from the Total Income less the Total Expenses.

AlayaCare Budget Module

Challenge #2 

Many home, community and aged care providers are burdened with using multiple solutions or spreadsheets to keep track of individualized budgets or client care packages.


AlayaCare’s budget module is fully integrated within the platform enabling more efficient workflows and reducing data entry. Data entered in client budgets automatically create associated entities upon budget publication. Publishing the budget will also generate services and client billing premiums so you don’t have to re-enter them in the client profile:

alayacare budget


Challenge #3

Re-creating the same budget for multiple clients can take time and result in duplicate data-entry.


If most of your client budgets will use a common base, you can define budget templates that will auto-populate new client budgets, reducing data entry and creating more efficient workflows.

budget template
budget template 2

Challenge #3

Medicare provides payments to Care Organisations for the claimed subsidies and supplements in “batch” payments. These payments are often split; with a portion in advance and then Medicare determines the balance in arrears. 


AlayaCare has the ability to reconcile these payments, and similar payments in the future, with the system generated transactions that reflect the claims made on Medicare.

Check out the AlayaCare Budget Module

Whether your agency is currently operating on paper documentation or your working on a dated legacy solution, AlayaCare could be the solution you’ve been looking for. 

Learn more about how AlayaCare’s Budget Module can drive your organization forward by clicking the link below. 

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