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Stop, Collaborate, and Listen! The Golden Rules of Home Care Software Training


There are a few ways I could summarize the AlayaCare approach to training new users on our home care software – oddly enough, I did not think they’d have any relation to rap-legend Vanilla Ice.

With all the exciting advancements in technology happening everyday – especially in healthcare – it’s no wonder why people (Users) can oftentimes feel intimidated by change and adapting to the latest and greatest. AlayaCare has taken many steps to ensure a smooth training process by following our four golden rules:

  1. Preparation – The Key to Success:

Planning, planning, and more planning – if there’s one secret ingredient to a successful implementation, it’s the ability to produce a thorough, well-crafted game plan. The long hours and days leading up to training are often spent creating lesson plans, engaging activities, clear ‘how to’ videos and documentation, and preparing ‘real-life’ simulations specific to each User role to participate in.

  1. There’s no ‘I’ in team:

During the weeks of training – from the early planning stages through to Go-Live – the concept of ‘teamwork’ is one that is consistent throughout. The first days of training are very similar to the first day of school; everyone’s getting to know each other.

Whether it’s through ice breakers, introductions, etc., we’re all feeling things out and getting to know one another. As with any team, everyone will bring a diverse skillset.

At AlayaCare, we like to mix things up to keep everyone engaged and energized by including a mix of hands-on training. We like to give Users a chance to get their hands dirty, while also providing more visual learning opportunities for those that prefer classroom-style learning.

At the end of the day, the Users ability to successfully learn our software is 100% a team effort 🙂

  1. Slow and steady wins the race:

Whether it’s changing from a manual process to digital, or switching to a new software system, change takes time and patience.

As AlayaCare trainers, our goal is to make sure all users are confident in performing their everyday tasks, and that they understand the many ways that change is for the better – not worse.

We want everyone to be able to enjoy their experience with AlayaCare, and if that means additional group and/or individual sessions are needed, then sign us up!

  1. Keeping it real:

Learning something new can be exciting, but also scary and intimidating. From Day 1, AlayaCare focuses on setting the tone by creating positive vibes and attitudes, and encouraging new users to relax and enjoy the journey we’re all on together, and most importantly – to have fun!

For all new Users of AlayaCare, if there’s a time to channel your inner ‘Curious George’ – it’s during End User Training. The quickest way to learn is by making mistakes – and this is the time to do it.

At the end of the day, we’re a group of people that like to have a good time, even in the most serious situations. Learning something new is never an easy task, so in the hours of training, it’s important for us as the trainers, to make people laugh and enjoy the experience!

If those training on our software are having a good time, then we’re having a good time – after all, we’re all in this together to improve the way home healthcare is delivered 🙂