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Ease the Pain of Home Care Clinical Audits


Audit: a term that in itself can instill fear, anxiety, and distress by sheer mention alone.

Perceived by most as painful and costly in both time and energy, the process of collecting data, ensuring the compliance of prescribed services and analyzing overall patient outcomes, doesn’t exactly sound appealing.

Combine that with the scrutiny of other practitioners and your entire organization will be trembling in no time. Nevertheless, due to the strict nature of the health care industry, audits will continue to play a major role in providing oversight and verification of industry standards and regulations.

Despite the negative connotation, auditing doesn’t have to be a painful or fear evoking process. With AlayaCare’s multi-tiered, secure cloud environment and sophisticated clinical documentation, auditing will become more of a structured source of insights for your organization to help improve overall patient outcomes.

Easy Access Anywhere, Anytime 

If you store your records as printed documents, you could spend hours searching for the appropriate files to pull.

With AlayaCare’s cloud-based home health software, your team is able to locate and open documents within seconds, regardless of the device they’re using (phone, tablet, desktop, laptop).

Information is readily available making it a fast and efficient process for auditors to gather documents and evidence providing “reasonable assurance.”

Reporting, Scheduling & Billing in One Place

Many organizations suffer through the pain of using a fragmented data management approach, using multiple tools through various departments, patching together data from multiple solutions, wasting time and risking errors.

With a fully configurable Clinical Documentation module, AlayaCare reduces overhead by eliminating unnecessary filing and data entry while conveniently providing billing, scheduling and reporting information all in one place.

Clinical audit logs and reports have never been so easy to develop.

Presenting the Results 

An auditor’s goal is to gain confidence in the quality of information and procedures performed in order to help improve professional practice and the general quality of service.

AlayaCare’s easy to use role based user experience and corresponding GPS data allows auditors to easily and accurately review care worker activities and procedures.

AlayaCare’s automated report building wizard also makes this process stress-free by allowing qualified employees to generate flexible pivot tables, and business intelligence reports at the click of a button. All the details an auditor needs are neatly presented online and available for export in PDF & CSV formats, saving hours of time, and loads of frustration.

Audits, although daunting, are an important activity that highlight potential ways to improve your services. With AlayaCare’s tools and resources you can quickly and easily maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of clinical audits, resulting in better patient care and outcomes—it’s that simple.