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AlayaCare’s Top Posts of 2018

New year 2018 change to 2019 concept

It’s  hard to believe that 2018 is nearly over — and what a year it’s been! We’re so thankful for our amazing client partners and staff members who give so much meaning to the work we do. Thank you for your feedback, support, and ongoing dedication to AlayaCare.  

Each year we like to turn the dial back and check out which stories resonated the most with you, our dedicated readers! If you have a topic you’d like us to cover in 2019, please let us know. In the meantime, here are the top-9 posts for 2018:

Canesto Systems acquisition

Canesto joins AlayaCare

In June, AlayaCare acquired Canesto Systems Inc. — a leading contact and resource management software provider for home and community care organizations. Canesto’s development and support teams are now contributing to AlayaCare’s product development, customer success and go-to-market planning for the sector. We are thrilled to welcome Doug Gowdy and the entire Canesto team to AlayaCare.

$13.8 million in funding led by by inovia capital


In August we announced a Series B investment of $13.8 million led by inovia capital. The funds will help drive our continued expansion with a focus on the U.S. market, and further investment in our proprietary cloud-based software — including AI, machine learning capabilities and optimization science. The announcement also saw inovia capital principal Magaly Charbonneau join AlayaCare’s board of directors.

New general manager in Australia

Screen Shot 2018-12-19 at 2.33.42 PM
Our team has grown by leaps and bounds this year and that includes hiring our first-ever GM of Australia. Emma Pate brings over a decade of experience in community care and health at Silver Chain Group/EOS, Telestra Health and iSOFT/iBA. Based in Sydney, she now leads our operations and sales teams in Australia.

Introducing the AlayaSphere


This past spring we launched the AlayaSphere: a roster of apps and web services that integrate with AlayaCare’s cloud-based software, and the closest thing to a flexible, all-encompassing platform for the home care industry. The AlayaSphere allows many systems to exist in one place, minimizes manual data entry, streamlines the flow of data, and boosts interoperability and productivity. It’s one more reason AlayaCare is well-suited to be a long-term partner to help agencies scale for growth.

Groundbreaking SmartCoach trial in Ontario

Empowering Clients To Monitor Themselves

In February, we detailed an Ontario Centres of Excellence program dubbed “SmartCoach” — a three-month, remote patient monitoring trial of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and chronic heart failure. The trial, which leveraged AlayaCare software, suggested that innovative use of cloud-based technologies can reduce costly heart-related hospital readmissions and emergency department visits. This, in turn, could improve the delivery of care while reducing health care expenses.

The future of telehealth in home care


Telehealth is a hot topic these days, and we explored its capabilities and potential for a truly integrated health network of the future — particularly related to remote patient monitoring.  Patient-centred care and real-time communication are key features that will make telehealth a business imperative for agencies in the not-too-distant future.

Predicting home care in 2019

2019 Predictions for Home Care

Each year our CEO looks ahead to the coming year for an industry that will see rising demand for its services. Around the world, three themes are emerging for the industry in 2019: caregiver engagement, whole-person care, and home care’s pursuit of the right technology.

Eliminate paperwork from home infusion therapy 

Home infusion therapy is experiencing steady growth, with the market expected to reach $31.9 billion USD by 2022. It’s easy to see why: for patients who require infusions, staying at home is not only more comfortable, but also, it’s far more economical to administer infusion-based treatments for patients who suffer from chronic disease at home. End-to-end software solutions can address the significant reporting requirements required of home infusion therapy and allow agencies to tap the full potential of this valuable market.

A Dutch model of neighbourhood carebuurtzorg-baarn-1

Buurtzorg, or the “Dutch model of neighbourhood care” is being increasingly adopted by home care agencies around the world. It places an emphasis on personal, client-focused care that ultimately strengthens the relationship between caregiver and client, and in turn, agency and client, resulting in increased engagement and greater client satisfaction. There’s no question that the right technology is necessary to keep things streamlined, from paperless reporting, to managing schedules, to keeping track of client preferences and more. 

Happy holidays from our family to yours — and we look forward to continued shared success in 2019!