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AlayaCare Returns to Florida for HomeCareCon July 29 – August 1


Our team at AlayaCare is excited to return to Orlando this summer for the 2019 HomeCareCon in beautiful Florida. This is the flagship event for the Home Care Association of Florida, which is celebrating 30 years of serving the state’s home care providers and vendors.

The impressive schedule running July 29-August 1 is filled insights for agency owners, administrators, clinical supervisors, financial managers, as well as clinicians, marketers, policy professionals, and technology staff. Our very own CEO and co-founder, Adrian Schauer, will explore the importance of building an ecosystem of care the morning of July 30. As purely objective observers, this particular presentation (in the Private Duty stream) is not to be missed. As an appetizer, feel free to check out our article from last winter that attracted some attention.


Continually growing, Florida’s population now sits at 21.6 million people. This includes over 16 million adults, of whom nearly four million are seniors – who we know are the main recipients of home and continued care. Our industry had revenue of $9 billion in 2018, with six percent more businesses in service than back in 2013. HomeCareCon is an ideal time for those invested in Florida’s home care to roll up their sleeves, talk strategy, and gear up for the changes and challenges ahead.


The theme for this year’s conference hearkens back to the Second World War: Rosie the Riveter and the battle cry “we can do it!” Rosie symbolizes all the U.S. women who kept the economy going in the 1940s by taking jobs in factories and shipyards as men left overseas. This remarkable societal shift is, to draw a parallel, emblematic of the transformations going on now in home health care.

The HCAF is trying to spur a can-do attitude as both Medicare and private care providers brace for the waves of change at their doorstep. For the former, everyone’s favourite acronym VBP is causing consternation as the CMS revamps its Medicare payment system to include not only Value-Based Purchasing but Patient-Driven Groupings, updated conditions of participation and the Review Choice Demonstration (which will hopefully make compliance less of a headache). Meanwhile over in private territory, agencies face the open market of competition – a good thing, we feel, overall – and with that, the pressures of recruiting and retaining talent, and the need to deliver client-centered care.

To all this, we say: no hay problema! At AlayaCare we know that the best suit of armour for uncertain times is technology. Agency owners, staff and clients will all ultimately benefit once we abandon comfort zones. It’s no longer business as usual, as we’ve all seen in recent years. But switching software solutions once an agency recognizes it’s time to change can position it well despite any industry developments.

Is it time to change? One good place to start is here: 10 signs you’ve outgrown your current home care software.

As for VBP, it doesn’t need to be daunting at all. Channeling the spirit of Rosie the Riveter, you could view this as an opportunity to integrate care and take advantage of data systems and tools that can really move a business forward. Key again is technology – as our ultimate guide to VBP spells out.


The same holds true for open market competition, as the global home care community increasingly shifts to embrace a client-centred approach. Here too, technology is paramount:  one only has to look to our Australian colleagues to see how it’s revolutionizing that country’s care evolution.

There’s much to talk about and we’re excited to keep the conversation going at HomeCareCon during this important time of change in the industry. All of us must get comfortable with being uncomfortable – because as the saying goes, if nothing changes, nothing changes. It’s time to embrace a new way of delivering care to ensure that clients enjoy the best possible outcomes.

See you soon!