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AlayaCare’s Latest Integration – CHRIS


AlayaCare has recently integrated the Client Health and Related Information System (CHRIS), a web-based patient information management system designed and built by the OACCAC and CCACs.

Using eReferral functionality, generally through the Health Partner Gateway (HPG), CHRIS provides CCACs with the following information: Patient assessments, Patient Document Library, and Bed Board Management (BBM).

By integrating CHRIS into AlayaCare’s software, CCAC subscribers will have access to prompt service updates, referrals, and important patient records directly from the source. There are major implications that go along with this integration, some of those are:

Information Mapping – The AlayaCare software electronically intakes patient information and seamlessly maps patient data, service information, and risk codes to the corresponding functional areas of the software.

Furthermore, given that the software is cloud based and compatible on any screen, this information is available to nurses and field staff in real-time. 

Streamlined Coordination – Since the eReferral information is inputted directly, data-entry processes are eliminated, thereby reducing the chance of error.

All the information Care Coordinators need is readily available to them, updating instantly and reducing overhead. Whether it be checking capacity, scheduling, determining care worker availability, or using AlayaCare’s filtering feature to skill-match care workers to incoming patients, Care Coordinators can manage their staff and patients with ease and efficiency. 

Updates & Upgrades – The OACCAC is continuously leveraging technology to create efficiencies and streamline operations.

With AlayaCare’s flexible API based architecture, updates and upgrades made by the OACCAC to CHRIS can be observed instantly for AlayaCare to emulate.

Keeping up with the pace of technology and constantly enhancing the functionalities of the software makes it easier for providers to focus on what they do best: getting people the quality and timely care they need.

AlayaCare confidently delivers an end-to-end home care software system that, combined with CHRIS, now has the information and ability to provide faster patient responses, resulting in better patient care. They’re always looking for innovative ways to enhance their software and deliver groundbreaking services for a variety of providers—bringing CHRIS into the portfolio only raises the bar even more.