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10 Signs You’ve Outgrown Your Current Home Care Software


Home care software: it’s probably not something you spend too much time thinking about, because after all, you’re busy running your organization and providing quality home care to those in need. But if your home care software solution isn’t working the way it should, you can end up spending more time dealing with process and workflow hassles instead of improving your clients’ outcomes.

That is why effective, innovative home care software is so important; when it is implemented and working properly, process management becomes an afterthought and you can spend more time doing what matters most—caring for your clients.

So how can you tell if your software solution is outdated?

Here are 10 signs that it might be time to upgrade your current system:

You’re using multiple systems instead of one

Is your home care software solution compiled of 4 different incompatible programs? Are you even using more than one? If so, you’re probably finding that as your agency grows, this cobbled together, Frankenstein-like system causes more problems than it solves. In that case, it’s time to consider merging into one system that offers a solution on a single platform. This can significantly improve information organization, reduce error and lower costs.

You don’t have easy access to information about your agency
If someone asked you for a report on key performance metrics, how long would it take you to pull the required information? You do not want to be stuck searching for information when the surveyor arrives at your doorstep. For agencies that rely on dated software solutions and spreadsheets that need to be updated and pulled manually, it could be a long wait. With the right software, employees can have immediate access to key data, while executives can get a holistic view of operations at any time.

Your office is surrounded by stacks of paper

Paper-based processes are timely, tedious and more prone to error. Copy and printing costs are getting higher, and the filing cabinets consume high volumes of valuable real-estate in your agency. Electronic solutions and online portals represent a huge leap forward in legibility and the ability to rapidly retrieve information. It’s time to go paperless.  Here is a case study of how we helped Acclaim Health do just that:

Your software interface looks dated

It’s 2016. If you have a flashback to the 90s every time you use your software solution, it’s a pretty safe bet that it’s time to consider switching to a 21st century software platform. Attractive user interfaces and ease of use allows employees and clients to complete tasks more efficiently and effectively.

Not to brag, buuuuuuut…..


Doesn’t automatically update features

Do you experience bugs and glitches on a daily basis? Does your server-based software issue updates once a year? If your home care software platform was up-to-date it would be cloud-based and your provider could monitor and fix these issues overnight. And by cloud-based, we’re not talking about connecting to a lonely terminal next to the server room through a VPN. We mean access through your web browser with an interface that is easy to use and learn. New features and updates can be rolled out on a regular basis to ensure you have the best, most up-to-date experience.

Your agency phones are still ringing off the hook
Are field staff and clients’ loved ones constantly calling your agency for updates? New software solutions come equipped with secure, real-time updates and online portals so that everyone has complete visibility and is fully informed on the care being provided. This dramatically reduces unnecessary calls and voicemails and no client, provider or family member is left in the dark.

Your software doesn’t offer a mobile app

Smartphones and tablets allow home care providers to freely access and send information seamlessly across multiple channels. This ensures clients receive the fastest, most reliable care possible. If your current software doesn’t offer a point of care app or mobile technology (mHealth), it’s time to upgrade so you can access the information you need anytime and anywhere in a secure manner.

Your software solution doesn’t leverage new technologies

Technology is rapidly changing the way home care is delivered. New solutions such as telehealth, remote patient monitoring and video conferencing are making care delivery more accessible, efficient and effective for your clients. If your current solution isn’t keeping up the industries technological advancements it’s time to re-examine your system.

You dread calling your customer support team

A good vendor will provide good service. One of the more common complaints among home care software users is the poor quality of customer support and overpriced training fees, which makes it that much harder for providers to get the full potential out of their solutions. In regards to customer support, you should be able to get a hold of a real person quickly, and have your questions answered in no time. Implementation should also be easy and painless as possible.

You have experienced downtime
With a software solution that requires manual data backups, you are more prone to human error, insufficient storage and many other issues that leave patient data vulnerable. With a cloud-based solution, automatic data backups are performed regularly, ensuring important information is secure at all times.

Does any of this sound familiar? If so, start researching your options and upgrade you home healthcare software platform today.

You can start by signing up for a live personal demo from the AlayaCare team to show you just how much easier our platform makes it to improve client outcomes.

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