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How do you handle repetitive tasks in home-based care? 5 tips to reduce time on admin tasks and focus more on your clients

By AlayaCare / February 1, 2024

57% of home care agencies reported that they spend up to 3 hours a day on administrative tasks such as data entry, tracking patient records, etc., according to a survey conducted by Home Health Care News. In addition, home-based care providers who work in rural areas often must travel long distances to get to their…

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AI and caregiver churn

Embracing AI technology to recruit and retain caregivers: HHCN’s Continuum panel highlights

By AlayaCare / January 25, 2024

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been around for decades — since 1956, to be exact. However, the recent emergence of OpenAI, ChatGPT, and other large language models (LLMs) have catapulted this technology into the collective consciousness. Now, many in home-based care are wondering how AI can be leveraged in operations, primarily to tackle the ongoing challenge of…

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Tackling the caregiver shortage: 5 effective strategies for retention 

By AlayaCare / January 23, 2024

The caregiver shortage and high turnover rates in the home-based care industry are a constant struggle for organizations. Currently, the turnover rate is about 80%, and replacing an employee can cost over $4,500 USD in resources. So, the big question is, why is the turnover rate so high in this industry? How have other home-based…

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5 Ways for your Home Care Agency to Deal with Margin Squeeze

Successful software implementation: The AlayaCare implementation approach

By AlayaCare / January 18, 2024

Are you looking for a roadmap to implement software successfully? Well, we’ve got you covered! Discover essential strategies to align new software with your business processes, manage the transition, and drive user adoption. Trust us: the success of software implementation is crucial for the overall efficiency, productivity, and growth of your organization. That’s why it’s…

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3 ways HCBS can prepare for an increased demand

Operations leaders roundtable: Top trends, challenges & opportunities facing home-based care today [webinar recap]

By AlayaCare / January 16, 2024

From dwindling resources and decreasing referrals to payment delays and payer difficulties, you name it, and today’s home care agencies are facing it. Most often, it is operations leaders who are tasked with balancing these various market constraints, all while improving internal business efficiencies and enhancing caregiver and patient satisfaction.  AlayaCare is no stranger to…

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4 ways to improve home care inefficiencies with technology

Georgia’s home-based care horizon: Top challenges, opportunities, and solutions [webinar recap]

By AlayaCare / January 12, 2024

When it comes to managing your Georgia home-based care business, what do you find the most challenging? Is it employee recruitment and retention or the required criminal history background and fingerprint checks for caregivers? What about compliance surrounding allocating hours for services, or the payroll complexities when calculating routine overtime?   For some Georgia-based providers, the…

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home health and home care billing

Maximizing profits: Essential strategies for billing home health and home care services

By AlayaCare / January 3, 2024

Navigating billing home health services can seem like navigating a maze. Cut through the confusion with our expert insights. Learn how to manage Medicare and Medicaid claims, prevent costly errors, and choose the right billing software for your billing home health needs. Begin your journey to a more streamlined billing system and healthier financial outcomes…

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homecare software solutions

From insight to impact: Using data to drive decisions and take action [Webinar Recap] 

By AlayaCare / December 28, 2023

Every caregiver, clinician, and C-suite executive will agree that data collection is the lifeblood of the home care industry—but we can also admit that the sheer amount of insights is overwhelming. We all have a treasure trove of data, but is it accurate or complete? Can it be organized to tell a logical story or,…

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caregiver retention

6 ways to create a culture of belonging to improve employee retention in home-based care

By AlayaCare / December 26, 2023

  Keeping great employees is a challenge for every industry, and home-based care providers have their own unique obstacles. One way to ensure team members feel appreciated is by making the workplace somewhere that includes them in its growth and opportunities.  An effective way to put this into action is by collecting caregiver and staff…

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unlocking excellence in hiring webinar

Unlocking hiring excellence in home care: A roundtable discussion [webinar recap]

By AlayaCare / December 21, 2023

Home care organizations everywhere face budget constraints, compliance issues, and high turnover rates. Operational efficiency and the home care hiring process are vital to ensure companies can stay ahead of the trends and provide the best possible service to their clients.    75% of agencies had to turn down cases due to friction in the efficiency…

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