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AlayaLabs Packages

How to work with us:

AlayaCare is currently a provider’s system of record and system of engagement for business operations. AlayaLabs is focusing on the system of intelligence by augmenting human decision making for schedulers, care givers and business owners.

Business Health Dashboards

Enterprise customers will soon have access to a full suite of 5 dashboards, each representing a key aspect of your organization’s business metrics:

  • Intake
  • Scheduling
  • Employee/HR
  • Finance
  • Data Integrity/Quality

These dashboards allow data stakeholders to see how an organization is performing in near real-time.

Insights Deep Dive

Alayalabs has a squad of data scientists to perform:

  • A data audit to understand all data available in your AlayaCare setup
  • Recommend data input best practices to help illustrate the answers to your business questions
  • Perform a thorough data analysis by leveraging statistical methods, machine learning and other sophisticated methods to spot unique trends in your data that would otherwise be hidden
  • We can repeat this analysis as better data is captured after data input recommendations can be implemented
Strategic Consulting

Insights are great to help address individual issues, but it can be hard to translate these insights into a future strategy or improvement plan that delivers better outcomes for your organisation. ​

If you need help interpreting insights into a strategy or improvement plan for your organization, AlayaConsulting is here to:

  • Work with you to understand what is happening in your organization, and compare to what works elsewhere in high performing organizations
  • Co-design solutions with your team, for your organization
  • Support you through the implementation process, including the measurement of outcomes
Data Science As A Service

If our offers do not seem right for your organization but you think you have a project you would like to collaborate with AlayaLabs on, we want to hear from you. 

Examples of custom projects include: ​

  • Hypothesis Testing
  • Custom machine learning models
  • Schedule Optimization fine tuning