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AlayaCare announces acquisition of Delta Health Technologies

Overview & FAQs 

Q: What is happening with my AppointMate and/or Crescendo software?

The AlayaCare team, along with the same great Delta Health team you signed on with will continue to support the AppointMate and Crescendo systems 

Q: What is happening with my AppointMate and/or Crescendo implementation?

Your implementation of your solution will continue as planned with the same team, same product and same service. 

Q: What is happening to my recently deployed/upgraded Crescendo install?

The Crescendo product will continue to be developed and supported. 

Q: What is happening to my recently deployed/upgraded AppointMate install?

The AppointMate product will continue to be supported.


Q: Where will AppointMate and Crescendo products be 5+ years?

AlayaCare and the Delta Health team will be working together to create a best-of-breed solution by integrating highly-valued AppointMate and Crescendo features into the AlayaCare product. Over time, AlayaCare will offer the most end-to-end and robust home health, hospice, and community solutions and will encourage Delta Health customers to continue to trust AlayaCare as a partner moving forward.  

Q: What is happening to my AppointMate and/or Crescendo roadmap items?

All current roadmaps and client commitments will be considered as our teams work together to develop a comprehensive and seamless product integration plan.

Q: What is happening to my Delta Health project team/contact/etc.?

Your key contacts and staff will remain the same. The AlayaCare team is looking forward to welcoming the Delta Health team to our family as they continue to support your organization.

Q: Will this influence my subscription or professional services costs?

There will be no impact on the Delta Health or AlayaCare subscription or professional services costs as a result of the acquisition.

Q: Will our Service Level Agreement (SLA) change?

No changes will be made to your SLA, you’ll receive the same great support you’re used to as specified by both AlayaCare and Delta Health.

Q: What’s happening to the AlayaCare Cloud software?

There will be no direct impact on the AlayaCare software functionality or existing roadmap commitments as a result of the acquisition. Bringing Delta Health’s team and solution onboard will enhance AlayaCare’s mission to bridge the gap between home health and home care through more interoperable, best-of-breed solutions across the continuum. Through this acquisition, AlayaCare gains 100+ new customers and more than 45 new employees who will help provide a foundation and blueprint for AlayaCare’s ongoing product development into the home health and hospice sectors.

Q: Will I receive the same support from AlayaCare?

It will be business as usual for AlayaCare customers. There will be no changes to the support you receive, and your key contacts will remain the same.